The leadership of Eitz Chaim Messianic Fellowship are:


Zekenim (Elders) - זְקֵנִים



Beit Din - בית דין‎‎

Our Beit Knesset - House of Assembly, operates according to the holy standard revealed to us in the Torah and in the meesianic portion of the Scriputures in resolving our matters within our commiunity. For that we have established a group of members of our Kehilah - Congregation, to serve as judges and as an authority in any legal matters concerning our holy conduct within our comiunity.

For that purpose of service we have elected: 


Hector Perico



Tzedakah - Offerings

Eitz Chaim Messianic Fellowship welcomes all your tithing and free will Tzedakah/Offerings and now they can be submitted online.
All you need to do is setup your online payments with your bank, and direct your deposit to this email account:
It is requested that you send an additional email to the above email address stating your name and amount e-transferred for accounting purposes and confirmation of deposit.
Once you will make your transfer and email, you will receive from our Treasurer confirmation about your transaction within 7 days. 
Then at the end of each year you will receive income tax receipt as we are a registered charity organization.
If you need any other instruction on how to make your transaction, please direct your questions to the same email address as above 
May Adonai bless you richly for supporting our Messianic Jewish Ministry! Amen! 
Baruch Hashem Adonai!

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