The leadership of Eitz Chaim Messianic Fellowship are:


Zekenim (Elders) - זְקֵנִים

Eugene Emet Banak - Messianic Rabbi

Rabbi Banak received Messianic Jewish education and training through the Light of Messiah Ministries International in Toronto Ont, Canada. Graduated; June 30 2008.

Eugene Emet Banak recived his Smicha from Rabbi, Dr Don Meecha and Rabbi Elmer Grove isuued by Beth El Shaddai Messianic Fellowship July 19 2008. 



Beside serving as a leader in the Kehilah Eitz Chaim Messianic Fellowship he and his wife Dorota Abigail Banak lead ministry: Wspólnota Judeo Mesjańska (Messianic Jewish Commiunity) in Poland. http://www.wspolnotamesjanska.com 


Beit Din - בית דין‎‎

Our Beit Knesset - House of Assembly, operates according to the holy standard reviled to us in the Torah and in the meesianic portion of the Scriputures in resolving our matters within our commiunity. For that we have established a group of members of our Kehilah - Congregation, to serve as judges and as an outhority in any legal matters cocerning our holy conduct within our comiunity. For that purpose of service we have electet:

Head of the Beit Din: Rabbi Eugene Emet Banak

Judge in the Beit Din: Hector  Perico


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